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Pet Wellness

Wellshire Animal Hospital is proud to provide excellent wellness screenings to our patients.

Pet Wellness Screening


At Wellshire Animal Hospital, we believe prevention is key to ultimate well-being. Our pets can’t speak; they cannot tell us if they feel unwell. Pets may mask signs of illness until late in the course of the disease. The earlier we can catch a disease, the better the chance for a favorable outcome. With this in mind, we recommend bringing your pet in for a wellness examination at least once yearly.

We have a full in-house diagnostic suite with the newest cutting-edge technologies. Our in-house lab allows us real-time answers and the quickest turnaround time to care for your pets. We also work closely with the reliable and well-known reference lab, Idexx, for all of our send-out laboratory needs- pathologist review, cytology, and bloodwork, to name a few. We advocate running routine screening tests yearly to detect underlying disease BEFORE it becomes clinically apparent.

Use the age chart below to find your pet’s age in “people” years and the screening testing recommended for each stage of his or her life.

We believe the following tests give us the best chance of helping your pet’s live longer, healthier lives.

These approximations may vary by individual, gender, species, and breed.

Lilac Every 12 months – Baseline Blood Profile & Urinalysis (a small blood test checking internal organ health)
Green Every 12 months – Annual Health Profile (a blood and urine test checking red and white blood cell counts and internal organ health)
Yellow Every 12 months – Senior Health Profile (blood and urine test checking red and white blood cell counts, comprehensive internal organ screen including Thyroid testing and electrolytes)
Red Every 6-12 months – Golden Years Health Profile (comprehensive internal organ screen including Thyroid testing, electrolytes and red and white cell counts)